Zero-Waste Reusable Kit Deposit!


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We are very excited to offer a reusable program which includes:

  • A Thermal Tote Bag
  • Mesh Bags for each recipe
  • Mason Jars for each ingredient

You only need to order the kit once. All your subsequent orders will automatically come in the reusable kit and you will leave your previous bag outside on the day of delivery. If you'd like to get your deposit back, simply email us and we will pick up your kit and return your deposit!

"What if I'm ordering 2 or 3 recipes?" Once you pay the deposit, you will receive all your recipes in the reusable containers until you let us know you'd like your deposit back.

"What about the recipe card?" All of our recipes are posted on our website here, so you can follow along with bonus pictures and instructions!

All of our bags and containers will be sterilized between uses to ensure no contamination. 

We look forward to helping you live a healthier lifestyle by eating great while reducing your carbon footprint. We are in this together :) 

NOTE: Our reusable bags are on their way! If you order this week you'll get the reusable containers in a box, which will be replaced with a bag on your next order

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