What makes your box so different than others?
We have designed our recipes to provide excellent nutrition profiles while still tasting fantastic. We believe in inclusivity and offer recipes to fit almost all dietary restrictions. 

What comes in each box?
The box comes with the portioned ingredients to make 1-3 recipes of your choice.  

Are tools included in the box?
There are no tools in the box. Each recipe will list the tools that are required or suggested for the making of each recipe.

What happens if I don't have the right tools?
We will be selling tools on our page or we can will give you alternative options for the tools.
For example, if you don't have a food processor, use a blender instead. 

Can I still make the recipes if I don’t have a food processor? Hand-mixer? Zester?
For most recipes, yes. If no food processor, you can use a blender (although it may be harder to blend fully). If you don't have a zester, try a grater (won't be as fine but still works). If you don't have a hand-mixer, you can use your arm but it will be sore.
If your not sure what you might be able to substitute with, send us an email (via contact us) and we'll let you know!

What happens if I am unhappy with the box?
If you are unhappy with the box or the quality of the products within the box, please contact us below so we can help you feel more satisfied!

Can I return the box?
We cannot accept returns of any products delivered to you. It is not part of Well Baked Box’s policy to provide refunds if you are dissatisfied with the products you have received and created. BUT we are committed to providing you with an experience that you are happy with and so if the item you received was not as you hoped or you were not content with the quality than the Well Baked Box, at its sole discretion, may ship you a new box at no additional cost. Click on the contact us link and let us know the details.

Why do you not include eggs in the box?
Shipping eggs is very difficult to do and less than half of our recipes require them.  Many households have eggs or will happily pick-up eggs for these recipes. There are some egg alternatives that can be used but often the result will be a more crumbly and less fluffy baked good.

What can I use as an egg replacement?
We will soon be offering our own egg-replacer blend which we developed in house but in lieu of this you can make an egg substitute by mixing 3 tablespoons of water with 1 tablespoon flax or chia.

Do you ship to other Cities in Ontario? Other provinces in Canada? Other countries?
Currently we are delivering boxes within a 20 km radius of Guelph, ON. We are working on expanding to other cities including the GTA, so sign up for our newsletter to get the latest details. Our goal is to ship Canada-wide by 2021.

How much is shipping?
Currently delivery is free to Guelph, ON residents and surrounding areas.

Are the ingredients in your box organic?
Many of the ingredients in our recipes are organic. The exceptions are ingredients for which organic options don't exist, or the price would inflate the cost of the recipes making them inaccessible to many customers.

How long do I have to make the baked goods? 
The recipes are best made within 2 days of getting your box, especially in the case of recipes with fresh ingredients. However, we have tested the longevity of the dry and wet ingredients for up to 2 weeks so if the recipe doesn't include fresh ingredients you can store it in a cool dry place for at least that long.

Are your products gluten-free?

Are your products dairy-free?

Are your products vegan?
At least one of our ingredients each week will be vegan. Although most recipes you can make an easy substitute to make it vegan :) 

Are your products low-carb?
At least one of our ingredients each week will be keto (or low-carb). It will be an additional $3 for a keto recipe due to the higher price of the ingredients. 

What kind of sweetners do you use?
We use lower glycemic sweetners such as maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, monk-fruit, erythritol

Where can I purchase your boxes?
We are currently only online but are hoping to be in some shops soon

How long do your boxes last?
Up to 2 weeks, as long as the ingredients are stored correctly. Store information is found on the recipe pages.

Where do I store the box before baked?
Most of the items can be stored at room temperature, fresh food such as fruit and vegetables, should be stored in the fridge

Where do I store the baked goods after baked?
They can be left out, some recipes do better in the fridge, and others even in the freezer. This information will be posted with each recipe.

Where do you package the boxes?
We package the boxes at a commercial kitchen in Guelph, ON

When is delivery?
Delivery is Friday-Saturday

Do you offer pickup? 
We will be offering pick-up soon

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