Meet the Creators

The Well Baked Box is a family-owned business created by a recently married couple who wanted to remove the barriers to healthy eating. Their mission is to provide easier access to snacks that not only taste good, but also leave you feeling good. Courtney is a Naturopathic Doctor, and Stewart is a scientist with a passion for health and longevity. By bringing together their knowledge on nutrition and wellness, as well as the science of baking, Courtney and Stewart create new and fun recipes every week. They strive to create recipes that have a rich nutrient profile that they can confidently and happily use for themselves, as well as for their two-year-old daughter.

Courtney and Stewart started making homemade, whole-food recipes that were initially created for their personal lifestyle. As they found healthy baked goods were hard to come by or were expensive pre-made. They started finding recipes and making them more ‘healthy’ by subbing out flours and sugars, for more whole ingredients that had a better nutrient profile, were void of refined sugars, and still tasted great. When Courtney started posting recipes on her Instagram, a lot of her following didn’t know where to purchase some of the ingredients used and wanted to learn more. Realizing that many people wanted to bake with healthy ingredients that were better for their bodies, but didn’t know where to begin, OR didn’t like baking to begin with, they realized they needed to fill this void by providing a service that not only provides them with the proper, healthy ingredients, but also takes a lot of the work out of it by pre-proportioning them.

They are big supporters of taking care of the environment and so wanted to make the packaging as eco-friendly as they could in the beginning stages. Everything in the box is either recyclable and/or compostable, including the tape!

They hope you enjoy this box that they have poured their bodies and minds into over the past few months to get people eating healthier and making baking fun again!

- Well Baked Box Team